Sunday, 12 February 2017

Why I've been MIA | Aimee Bell MUA

Long time no speak! I am back and ready to take 2017 by storm & get some great blogging done! To get me back into blogging, I would do a little update on where I have been & what I have been up to. 

So at the end of January, me & my bf decided to view an apartment... not for anything else other than to view it and see what it was like... a week later we moved in... I fell in LOVE with it! I just couldn't walk away from it! So the week up until we moved in was ridiculously busy getting sorted, organised etc and I barely slept with anxiety! But we made it to the Friday we were moving in and we did everything on our own carrying bags after bags up in the lift to our apartment, sorting it out, headed to Tesco to do a big big shop & even had time to head to IKEA and get the last little bits we needed for the kitchen & accessories etc. 
The apartment was fully furnished so all we needed was ourselves, bedding & furnishings, accessories & kitchen bits and bobs, rugs... basically everything to make it homely & ours. 

After a weekend of sorting, we were without the internet until last Wednesday which meant I was cut off from the world of Netflix & blogging etc and it has been horrible as i have been waiting to get back to you guys!! 

If you have been following me on twitter/instagram/snapchat you will have seen a few pieces from our apartment, but I am going to do a post on that after this! P.S if you aren't following me on social media, why the hell aren't you!! Head over to twitter: @aimeebellmua Instagram: @aimeebell_bbg Snapchat: @albmakeup 

As the move has meant we have moved away from our gym, I have started BBG again so will continue to post my progress on that on my Instagram until we get the gym & swimming pool completed at our apartment apartment complex where my training will be able to continue again yeyy!!

Also if you have been following me on SM, you will see that my PINK hair has now returned to BROWN... I felt the Pink had finished its little run & felt like i wanted to be back to my brunette routes & feel abit better in my clothes as more things go with brown hair!!

What have you guys been up to since my last blog post? how is your year going so far? Let me know/Get in touch I would love to get to know you guys more! 

Lots of love A xxxx