Friday, 17 February 2017

Whats on my iPhone 7 Plus | Aimee Bell MUA

In January, I finally joined the blogging world of the iPhone 7 plus hype! I got the 32GB one in Matte Black & I am in LOVE! I absolutely love it! Best purchased phone ever! The colours are so bright & the large screen & camera makes blogging photos much more appealing & clearer. 

So I thought I would show you whats on my iPhone! This is my home screen, going from left to right I have: 
Twitter: @aimeebellmua 
Snapchat: @albmakeup
Instagram: @aimeebell_bbg
Facebook: My personal Facebook
YouTube: @thefacestuff
Envicase: @aimeebellmua IG: @aimeebell_bbg
Tumblr: @aimeebellmua
Pinterest: @aimeebellmua
Lifesum - Fitness/Food Diary
Clock - Alarm
Mail: email me!
Calendar - Use this for all my events/meetups/friends/nights out/birthdays etc
Safari: Google IT! 
Useful Apps: All the standard apps in here that come with IOS 
Travel: Google Maps, Trainline, Tube Map, Uber, Waze, Blueline Taxis 
Finance: Paypal, Just Eat, Ebay etc, 
Watch Me: Cineworld, Netflix
Fitness: Sworkit, Health App, Smart Movement, 
Blogging: Bloglovin: @aimeebellmua, Blog Touch, We Heart It: @aimeebellmua
Edit me: Instasize, Face Tune 2, VSCO, Photos, Layout

& Thats about it! My home screen wallpaper I found on Pinterest, its where I get all my phone wallpapers from! 
If you want to see any of the apps in detail please let me know! :)

How do you organise your phones? let me know! Send me a screenshot! I love phone organisation tips/tricks/ideas! 

Lots of love A xxxx