Monday, 13 February 2017

Weekend in Pictures | Aimee Bell MUA

This weekend, I have said goodbye to the Pink hair and hello to my Brunette Locks again... I loved my Pink but it was time to end that era and move back to a more professional colour & back to my roots of brunette! Dying over it went quite well actually as you can see below! I dyed it twice to remove all of the pink using: Garner Nutrisse Creme, in colour Golden Brown... You can get it here >>>> Click here to get this hair colour!

After going over it twice, I was left with the below results! Its a proper true golden brown chocolate colour which i have been trying to achieve since god knows how long & finally happy with it! 

As a little treat for the first time since we moved into our apartment, I treated the bf to a date night at TGI Fridays! One of our fave places! He had Steak & chips, i had my fave of sesame see chicken & chips... and it was a mountain of chicken!! BEAUTIFUL!

We then headed back to our apartment for onesie cuddles wine/cider & 'Two Pints of Lager & a packet of Crisps' we love that program! Never gets old! 

Dunno what I would do without my little Monkey! My Soulmate, my best friend, my roomie! Love him to the end of infinity and back! 

To anyone who is wondering, I got our onesies from Primark a few months ago! He has the Monkey, i have the dinosaur.. They were around £15 i think! 

For the rest of the weekend, We cleaned the apartment, did our food shop for the week, he played his game (assassins creed, if you were wondering) & I binged on Netflix. I have restarted Bates motel again! LOOOVEEEE this series!! 

What did you get up to this weekend??? Any plans for the week ahead? 

Lots of love A xxxx