Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentines Netflix & Chill | Aimee Bell MUA


If you are like me & my bf and you don't really celebrate or 'do' valentines day, like going out for a meal or whatever people do on valentines day nowadays, you may want to get into a new series! I for one am a big Netflix addict so I thought I would do a quick post to help you to choose maybe someone you wouldn't normally choose if your not into 'the darker side' of Netflix! If you know me personally or from talking about what I'm watching on SM you will know I'm a big wierd/horror addict... LOVE murder mystery, thrillers, serial killers, & plain weird programs! So here are my top 3 faves that if you haven't watched you should defo start watching this valentines! (DISCLAIMER: DONT BLAME ME IF YOU GET ADDICTED AND LOSE TRACK OF TIME)

Dexter, to this day is still my most watched & fave series on Netflix! If you like serial killers, romance, violence, secrets, & simple addictive watching then this is for you! Dexter is a blood spatter analyst who not only works to solve crimes, he commits crime on those who get away with 'murder' basically! His family, GF, co-worker are totally in the dark with his alter-ego which keeps you watching for the full series!.. Again please don't blame me if you get hooked, or you learn how to commit the perfect murder.. NOT MY FAULT! :P.  I have watched the full series twice & then keep going back to watch my fave ones every now and then... never gets old!

2nd up, is the newly released A series of unfortunate events based on the book/film that has previously been released. i was hesitant to watch it but I felt that it was a fab adaptation & Neil Patrick Harris pulls off Count Olaf perfectly... he gives Jim Carrey a run for his money! This is about 3 children who end up in a series of very unfortunate events after their parents die looking for a safe guardian! 

And finally, BATES MOTEL... If you love a mother/son secret thriller/mystery/murder then this is for you! I am about to start this from the beginning again as i LOOOOVE this program! Again highly addictive! After her husband dies, a mother buys a motel for her and her son to start a new life, however with his very unusually close bond with his mother begins to affect him... it creates the basis for a serial killer! (As you can tell i love murder/mysterys...) 

Most people would probably give you the romance films or series to watch on valentines day, but thats boring, not original and a smudge tacky if you ask me! What sorts of things do you love to watch on Netflix? What would you recommend for me to watch?? 

Lots of Love A xxxx