Wednesday, 23 March 2016

BRA-BLEMS with ThirdLove! | Aimee Bell MUA

So you have spent hours picking out the right outfit for your girly weekend away, trying on more dresses than you can count, in and out of outfit changes.... when you suddenly realize you are faced with a big BRA-BLEM (or Bra Problem)...

The straps aren't the right colour, they wont stay put, they keep falling down, the back of the bra shows, the front of the dress is too low and you can see full view of your little mini boob job cheat and you feel like just putting on your onesie, curling up in a ball on the sofa and sulking...

Or you have absolutely smashed shoulders/back/arms workout this week and the thought of those nasty evil bra straps digging in your poor aching muscles is anything to put you off working out again. So you sympathize with your poor shoulders and loosen the straps to stop the pain and risk losing the lift you love to hold those bad boys under your chin! But then they fall off & if your anything like me feel all flat and bleurgh!

We spend so much time trying to get comfortable fitting clothes we forget about ensuring our underwear is comfortable to match. Which is why Third Love have created their business to fight the battle against the uncomfortable bra blues!

They have given me the below guide to help with your Bra-Blems and try to resolve them once and for all!
So I am teaming up with Third Love to provide you with a promo code to find you your most comfortable bra yet from their gorgeous selection of bras online! 

From the classic t-shirt bras to the very feminine sexy lingerie there is something for everyone. 

For 15% off all orders, use Promo Code:BRABLEMS at the checkout. *Valid on all orders untill the end of 2016**

See below some of the items which are my personal loves!! 

The Classic Push Up Bra (For every girls cheat for that instant boob job!) 

Looking for a push-up bra with a seamless edge and perfect lift? The 24/7 Push-Up has memory foam cups with just the right amount of lift. The cups seamlessly hug your curves, enhancing your natural shape under every shirt.  It’s the perfect basic push-up to support you through every hour of the day.
Use Promo Code: BRABLEMS for 15% off your order! 

24/7™ Strap Happy Bra

A fresh and wearable take on the strappy trend. We designed this fashion bra to fit like our classic 24/7, with the same buttery soft layer of memory foam cups that forms to your body. The wide elastic creates a unique cut out effect on the sides and front. It's the kind of bra that you won't mind showing through a drapey armhole or backless dress. 
Use Promo Code: BRABLEMS for 15% off your order! 

What types of Bra-Blems have you been faced with recently? 
What are your bra tips and tricks? 

Share them with me & Third Love by tweeting them at @ThirdLove on twitter!!! 

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Lots of Love A xx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Leeds Weekend Away | Aimee Bell MUA

Immmm baccckkk!!!! Sorry i have been away for so long!! Been nearly a month without any blogposts and im very sorry! Lifes been in the way as per usual, coursework on my it course, completing my social media marketing course and generally feeling exhausted and sort of stuck in a rut & wanting time out to myself i guess! 

So i thought i would share with you a weekend post from this weekends trip away with my boy in leeds! 

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Hotel which has recently been refurbished and my god is was beautiful! We got the business suite which was on the 6th floor and had an amazing view. (I forgot to save my snapchat of the view 😔 apologies!!) 

It was a mahoooosive room with complimentary slippers & dressing gown and my fave thing was a nescafe coffee machine! Safe to say i was bouncing off the ceiling with caffeine after our stay ha!! 
We booked for brekkie too which was an amazing spread of self service, fry up, toast, all the pastries you could possible think of and millions of drinks juices & teas!! 

We went out for a meal at TGI fridays (which is where we had our first date nearly 10 month ago! How time flys!!) 

And then headed to my favourite bar on call lane called Fibre, which has also recently been refurbished and looks amazing!! Great people, great music and of course plenty of wine!! 

We are quite early birds when it comes to going out me & josh we were back at the hotel with sore feet around half 10 ha!!! 

All in all we had an amazing weekend and if you are looking at staying in leeds for a weekend i would definitely stay here again! We are looking to stay here for our 1 year anniversary again ☺️☺️

Hope you have all had a fab weekend! Let me know what you have been up to!! 

Oh and add me on snapchat! Search: albmakeup i would love to see your snaps & comments for future blog posts & videos as im planning on revamping myYouTube  and coming back!!! 

Lots of love! A xxxx