Wednesday, 20 January 2016


So as I have been on my IT course again for the last 2 weeks in Leeds it is hard walking out of the door of my training building and seeing that Kiko (Directly opposite where I do my training) had up to 50% off & I believe on the website (links to all the products are below) still have pretty good sales on now!! I couldn't resist picking up some more products (Apologies for the bad quality of pictures, I am literally never around daylight anymore!!) I am going to use the products for a little bit longer & then do reviews on them! Have any of you used the KIKO range? What are your favourite products? I literally cant get enough of these anymore!! My whole makeup collection is beginning to look like a Kiko counter ha!

What I bought!?

What are your favourite products I should try? Brands? Bargain websites? Let me know!!

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Have a fab Wednesday!!!!
Lots of Love A xxxx