Friday, 29 January 2016


If you have been following me on my instagram @aimeebellmua you will have seen that i have been carrying out a new workout and fitness routine with one of Kayla Istines bikini body Guides on her new app Sweat With Kayla (Can be purchased on App Store & soon to be Android). 

The app is a rolling purchase of 14.99 a month, which there has been a lot of agro caused by the price saying its more expensive than going to the gym blah blah blah, but some people like me physically can't get to a gym due to travelling about and working so far away from home all the time so this is fab for me.

£14.99 a month gets you workout plans which increase the intensity every week as you get stronger & each week is broken down into, 3 HIIT resistance workouts, 3 LISS workouts, rehabilitation & rest day. It also gives you a full 7 day meal plan & shopping list for each week. It is literally like having a personal trainer with you every single day! 

With the progress picture function you can clearly see going into each week how much your body is changing & for me personally this app has made me want to work out and want to eat healthier because my results so far have been fab!! 

See my progress picture journey below of 6 weeks into the Bikini body Guide 1.0

Week 1: I was starting out skinny but i had no definition or tone to my body at all & wanted to feel stronger in myself & supporting my back.

Week 2: Slowly starting to see the abs coming through already, don't forget that everyones progress will be different as we all have different starting points!!! 
 Week 3: On Week 3 I put together a quarter progress comparison and I was very surprised to see how much my body had changed so quickly and my abs are properly starting to show now, getting those lines back!! 
Week 4: Stomach is flat now no bloating (this was a morning abs picky straight out of bed) have so much more energy and carrying out the workouts now i feel stronger and stronger each week! 
Week 5: This was taken just before bed after a day of eating bad foods because I was feeling sorry for myself as it was that time of month so i was bloated and felt like an elephant ha! But the abs are still going strong here. I haven't taken any back & gluten pieces from the beginning which I wish I had now looking at my bum now its looking rather peachy so for week 6 to 12 I will take full side and back pictures for my end of BBG 1.0 review! 
Week 6: So I made it to week 6! This picture was taken right after I completed Week 6 Arms & Abs & let me tell you this one was a true killer My arms were shaking! Its not easy the workouts by any count but you feel awesome once you start seeing the results!

Each workout is 28 minutes long with a cool down afterwards. There are 2 circuits of 7 minutes which you repeat twice so you do a total of 4 circuits.

The meal plan consists of 3 main meals (healthy & balanced) & 2 snacks per day (I believe up to around 1200-1600 calories) But I have to admit I havent stuck to it to the letter as I am a sucker for a takeaway, eating out & bread! But I have a pretty good metabolism so I dont feel too guilty yet for doing it ha!

I would definitely recommend this workout app or purchasing the Guides in ebook form **All information is on Kayla Istines website... click here <<<  and start changing your life!!

I hope you all enjoy this post, if you want any further details then please drop me an email at or add me on snapchat: albmakeup or follow my journey on my instagram: @aimeebellmua

Have any of you joined the BBG community? I would love to see your results! Add me on instagram & I will follow back!! 

Lots of Love A xx