Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rodial Skin Care - Youtube Channel, Explore the range! I Aimee Bell MUA

I have recently been contacted about this gorgeous skin care range which if I am honest I have heard about but not really looked into as the only references to it I have seen is for anti-aging products. So upon giving them a cheeky read up I was pleasantly surprised that they also do a range of makeup products & plenty of other cool skin care ranges such as a personal fave which I may give a wurl is the Dragon Blood Range!  I'm a sucker for anything sounding gory ha!

So a little back ground of the brand! It was founded by the gorgeous Maria Hatzistefanis aka @Mrs Rodial back in 1999. Since then it has expanded across 35 countries worldwide and have an awesome youtube channel now dedicated to demonstrating the products & some of the videos by Maria herself which I think is an awesome touch!

You can subscribe to the channel here >>>>>>>>

My personal favorite video which are the Get the Celeb Look series videos like the Kim K one below:

You can also follow her on her Rodial journey on her Blog here:

As I am hoping to have my youtube channel back up and running as of next Monday! FINALLY!!! I am thinking of creating some of the looks from her Celeb Series for my channel!
If you have any requests for me let me know as I am now planning my videos for the next month!! I am so excited to get back into the videoing game! I am purchasing a new camera tomorrow so my videos are abit more proffesh too!

Do you guys have any youtube channels that you would recommend for other skincare/makeup tutorials that you love? Have you tried any of the Rodial Skincare range? Do you have any favourite products you would recommend for me to try and do a review on?? 

Hope you enjoy her videos!! 

Lots of Love A xxxx