Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumn Morning Routine | Aimee Bell MUA

So it has been made final! Today was the day of my new Autumn routine of trying to make the most of my mornings so I can relax and snuggle up on an evening with everything already prepared for the next day! I managed to use your ideas and combine them with a whole lot of youtube watching to create my ideal morning routine! And so far I feel fab from it!!!! 

My day now starts at 6:30am rather than 7:30am of rushing around like a headless chicken! 

6:30am - 6:45am - I turn on my lamp at the side of my bed, roll onto my belly so I don't quite have the temptation to put my head back down on the pillow! I then check my social media like all of us & make sure I havent missed anything whilst I have been asleep! 

6:45am - I get up make my bed & get straight onto doing my workout! I am either going to do Tone it Up's videos from youtube or do my Vickys 7 day Slim DVD (About 10min workout)

7:00am - Head downstairs to make some brekkie! Either porridge/poached eggs on toast & depending on how I feel a nice coffee/cup of tea! 

7:10am-7:30am - I will enjoy my brekkie catching up on youtube, planning my blog post/youtube videos for the day/week (I am coming back to YouTube hurray! I am purchasing a new camera on thursday so I can provide you guys with awesome vids!) 

7:30am-8:30am - I will then have a shower, do my hair, makeup, get dressed (In my clothes I picked the night before) & then head out the door at 8:30 feeling accomplished! 

This way when I get home from work the only things I have to think about is, food, pjs, netflix & taking my makeup off :) Hurrah!!!

Let me know if you are thinking of doing this morning routine with me! Or what yours is! I love finding better ways of managing my time!!!!! 

Lots of Love A xxxxx