Sunday, 27 September 2015

Maple Holistic's Dead Sea Face Mask | Aimee Bell MUA

Hey Everyone! Hopeyou all had a a fab weekend! I have had a week off work & my blog & my home business and had some me time!!

A couple weeks ago I was approached by a company called Maple Holistics asking if I would be interested in testing & reviewing one of their products and as I love trying out new little companies of course I said yes so I selected this Dead Sea Face Mask! The Dead Sea Face Mask is a facial mask which combines 100% pure Dead Sea Mud with an incredible essential oil synergy to maximise results for healthy, toned skin!

I came home today to find it sat on my bed read and I couldn't wait to use it!!

So after my tea I ran upstairs to apply! At first opening of the lid you are instantly hit by the gorgeous lavendar scents within the mask which made me think, wow this is gunna help me sleep!

I applied a thin layer over my face as you can see above and its a lovely sort of medium thickness mask (if that makes sense ha) It has like salt particles in it so gives your skin a little exfoliate at the same time as plumping your skin & clearing all the baddies in your skin!

I left it on for a good 15 minutes but no longer as my skin began to seal up like cement, so I washed off using luke warm water, looked up in the bathroom mirror & my god my skin looked so clear!!

I dried my face off and ran my hands over my face and im not joking it feels like silk! I no longer have any pimples over my cheeks and nose! I ran downstairs and got my mum to stroke me and now she wants to use it ha!

I cant believe how amazing my skin feels after only one application! I would definitely recommend this 100% to anyone looking for a new face mask!

You can get it here! Also another good little thing about this company is if you give them a review on their products they will offer you a free sample of something else! Find out more about this cute little aspect of this offer here!

All in all I would give this product an amazing 5 out of 5! Exactly what I have been looking for!! :) 

Thankyou Maple Holistics for letting me try one of your fab products!!! 

Lots of Love A xxxxxxx