Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Last day off! Green tea, tv & catching up on @bloglovin ❤️ | AimeeBellMua

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So I have finally had 5 days off work & my god did I need it! As I said in a previous post I have only had 1 day off all year so I was beginning to feel absolutely exhausted!

So what did I get up to you may want to know as Ive been a little bit MIA on the post front!!

Ive had friday to Tuesday off work... filled with lots of random fun ha! I went to the Mr's house weds night and left yesterday morning! I believe his mum thought she had a new daughter by the time I left ha!

Weds it was the hottest day of the year like ever! Was around 32 degrees up here and my god it was humid and close and damn right horrible being stuck at work so we had a BBQ!

Thurs I had work & then thursday night I think he cooked me some tea :)

Friday he had the day off with me & we did absolutely nothing but have a Harry potter omnibus! Oh yes.. Cool we know ha!

Saturday I took him out for his birthday.. (his birthday was 7th) we went to pizza express & the cinema to see Knock Knock... My review on it is well... non existent really.. mixed feelings about it... Not the best film Ive ever seen and pretty cheesy which is disappointing for Keanu Reaves!

Sunday we did nothing again ha! Just chilled out and finished watching Harry Potter.... Was a sad sad moment finishing number 8 again! Then we realised TV, Netflix & Sky Movies were boring so we went back to the cinema again ha and watched Terminator... This was an awesome film! Arnold hasn't lost his touch ha!!

Monday he went back to work so I thought I would go to Meadow Hall and do a bit of shopping :) I will post all the bits and bobs tonight & where to get them from :)

& Finally Tuesday was Josh's birthday so when he got back from work we went for a cheeky nandos haaa!!

Yesterday I returned home & my family wondered who I was haha!! 

What did you guys get up to? Have you seen Knock Knock or Terminator yet? Cineworld cards? 

Lots of Love A xxxx