Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Beauty Haul | AimeeBellMua

Ive been a little bit MIA again these last couple weeks because i have been in leeds doing my IT course for work but the perks of that is im in the centre of leeds so ive been able to pop into superdrug to pick up some essentials!! 

1.VO5 ultimate hold hair spray - ive had this before and smells good, the hold is good and doesnt leave my hair feeling as sticky as the Got2B freeze spray! 

2. It was that time again to top up my hair colour which ive been loving having black hair again so i got the superdrugs own hair dye in darkest black! It has more bluey undertones which i love as it picks it up in the sun! 

3. Kiss oval nails - i am a massive fan of these nails, fit perfectly, they stay on well and if any do come off it doesnt feel heavy on your nails to restick down! Absolutely love these!!! 

4. And finally i picked up this Urban Fudge powder styler. Ive been using the Got2B one for ages but ive become to find that it has a weird like horsey smell so wanted to try out a new product and give this one a wurl! This one so far doesnt smell like horses so it could be my new fave! Doesnt leave my hands sticky either unlike the Got2B powder! 

Ill do some more in depth reviews at a later date once ive used them more!! 

Have you guys used any of these? What are your thoughts? 

Lots of Love A xxxx