Monday, 15 June 2015

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Well the past few weeks life has been changing a little bit again!! Gained a lovely guy in my life who is ticking all the boxes for keeping me happy...
Its pretty simple and easy keeping me happy tbh.. feed me Wine, Magic Stars, Toast and keep my Minion addiction topped up.. (Which he did on one of those claw machines at the cinema!! I was so happy when the claw dropped it!!) (See picture above ha!) (Who is also unbelievably excited for Minions to come out on the 26th!!???))

I am 100% in love with my pixie hair again.. HIP HIP HURRAAYYY!!! Feel so much better for having my hair lopped off back to feeling me again! My workout & healthy eating has kind of slipped off a little bit - But have been moving my room round alot ha keeping up the exercise that way!! 

I have however been feeling a little bit exhausted from work & not having any time off for myself at all. I realised that Ive only actually taken 1 days holiday this year so I have planned a long break in July which pretty much means I wont really be at work much so gunna get my arse in gear and get my youtube back up and running again! (YEY!) Definitely excited to get back into doing my youtube again and Im sure you will all be excited to see new tutorials etc! (PLEASE LEAVE VIDEO IDEAS BELOW I AM COLLECTING THEM READY!!!) 

Me and the bf recently signed up for the Cineworld card which means you can watch unlimited films at the cinema every month for £16.40 a month (There are still some charges on 3D/Imax films) 
Get yours here now!!  Sine we have signed up about 2 weeks ago we have been to see 4 films which is awesome because after the first 2 times you've got your £16.40's worth and anything after that is free!! I would definitely recommend this is you have a movie bug like we do!!! Check to see where your local cineworld is here!!!!

In 2 weeks time we are welcoming a new puppy into the family. My sister has bought a miniature poodle which will be coming home with her on the 11th July, so will be a new play toy for Bailey (Hopefully he wont eat her as she will be tiny ha!) So I have been spending plenty of time with my baby to make sure he doesn't feel too left out when she comes home!! (Dont worry I will upload some photos!!) 

What have you guys been up to recently? Have you got any video/post ideas for me?? 

Lots of Love A xx