Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Morning!! Healthy brekkie turned into a fat day... | AimeeBellMua

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Okay, so I have tried desperately today to be a little bit healthier!! It was all going so well... I had an apple for a snack & then ended up demolishing a sausage roll from the van that comes to work &  some magic stars...
tonight im having lamb burgers & greek salad & a glass of vino with my friend and  Ive decided that Ive given up today as a bad job & just as I was about to hang my head in shame I realised tomorrow is the 1st of July.... New month... New day! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Im sure we have all had these days where we have started awesome and unfortunately our willpower to say No just isn't strong enough and we end up giving in to a takeaway or some chocolate.. Hell I know I do!!

Soooooo NEW PLAN! Oh god.. Here we go again!!!!

Meals.... Small and often to curb the hunger in between your big meals! So here is what Im thinking... 

Breakfast 5/7am
Small snack 10/11am
Lunch 12/2pm (Depending on my shift) 
Small Snack 2/4pm
Dinner 6-7:30pm 

Drinking only water and Green Teas!! 

I want to aim to work out at least 5 times a week (combo of cardio x2 a week & strength 3x)

Weekends I will use to my hearts content to have some scrummy yet healthy options of foodies!!! 

I will do some posts of the workouts I am going to be doing (Mainly Youtube workouts at home!!) 

I will post some instagram yummys of my tea tonight with my friend! 

What does your Tuesday evening involve? Anything exciting? 

Lots of Love A xxxxxxxx