Friday, 5 June 2015

Happy Friday! | AimeeBellMua


So this week has been the start of my healthy week and my god i can feel the dofference already! I feel like ive got more energy and im so much more positive about life!! 

Tonight the bf is coming over for a takeaway (allowed in moderation like i keep saying!) eaten healthy all day & done a killer full body kettlebell workout this morning like i did in mondays post! 

We are just chilling with some wine tonight and probably be watching alan carr chatty man, i love him think hes so funny! Then tomorrow heading out for tea & going to the cinema to see insidious 3! We are big big big film buffs!!! 

Hope you all have a fab weekend lovelies! Try fit in a workout if you have time although you can have a rest on a weekend as im aiming to do 3 days of working out a week!!! 

What are you guys doing this weekend? 

Lots of love A x