Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 3/4 - HealthyJune Challenge | AimeeBellMua


Day 3 & 4 have been rest days for me as day 1 & 2 workouts have totally written me off. I have definitely become a fan of the KettleBells and feel the difference already (maybe is positive pychological affect?) but I feel alot healthier! 

Ive have stopped eating bread aswell and no more bloating! I dont feel sluggish during the day so the healthy eating must be giving me the nutrients & vitamins that I need and my body was lacking in so badly!! 

Day 3 Food Diary (I took this day as my cheat day) 
Breakfast - Porridge & Black Coffee
Snack - Seabrooks crisps oops!
Lunch: Salad with Chorizo, Salami, Olives & Honey and mustard dressing! Scrummy! 
Snack: Chocolate Muffin.. Again OOPS! 
Tea: Went to Nandos with the bf so had to get lemon & herb butterfly chicken & chippys! 
Bedtime Snack - We were then really bad and got some Magic Stars... OOPS!! 

Safe to say I defo had a cheat day this day haa! But like I keep saying eat everything in moderation between the healthy eating & the bad!! 

Day 4 Food Diary
Breakfast - Porridge & Black Coffee (Later brekkie than usual as I stayed at the bf's) 
Snack - None (Not hungry after the late brekkie so having water!) 
Lunch - Im thinking will be chorizo salad again! (Obsessed with the stuff!)
Tea: For tea tonight I am thinking of making some chicken pasta - Again will have a gander at some recipes on pinterest! 

I made garlic chicken & salad on tuesday - Recipe here >>>>

Tomorrow I will be back on the workout!! 

What are your favourite meals?? 

Lots of Love A x