Saturday, 7 March 2015

Kiko Nail Varnish | AimeeBellMua

Kiko Cosmetics Makeup Milano are my current fave makeup/beauty brand! 

They have amazing products across the whole of their range and the prices are very reasonable for such high quality products. In Leeds we have a KIKO store but if you aren't lucky enough to have one you can purchase online at
(Nail varnish page just because thats the topic of this post) 

As some of you may know, my day job I am a IT Service Desk Analyst for an IT company so I am constantly using a keyboard all day and have found that my nails chip alot faster than they would if I was working off a computer. Ive tried numerous brands such as Rimmel/Maybelline etc, but they all seem to chip in no time and have a dull appearance unless using a high shine top coat. But with these you can apply this with no top coat and still get high shine and the colour seems to last at least a week even with hardcore typing! 

The nail varnishes range from £1.50 up to £4.50 depending on what type you want to go for.

Above you can see I had a bit of a splurge so I could try the majority of the range. 

1. The Quick Dry Lacquer. This charcoal colour is what I have been wearing alot recently & quick drying it really is. After 2 coats you have a nice thick deep colour which lasts. I believe this one was £3.50ish

2. The 3 in 1 shine is amazing! You can use it as a base coat and top coat and leaves your nails feeling strong and shiny. This was around the £3.50-4.50 mark. 

3. The Magnetic Nail Lacquer, this looks really cool when used with the magnet which you can get with it and it gives you an awesome pattern to your nails. Although I prefer this just on its own as its a lovely nude brown colour, really in keeping with the nude trend at the moment & looks great with tanned skin. I picked this up in the sale for an amazing £1.50!! 

4. Finally I picked up the Fancy Top coat nail lacquers in 3 different glitter shades which were each just £1 in the sale. These look gorgeous over almost any colour. I have been wearing the blue glitter over the grey quick dry nail polish. The combo looks fab & the glitter really stands out and gives off a glossy shine to the nails. Some glitter polishes I fine very very hard to remove with nail varnish remover and Im very hesitant to wear it but with these products you can remove them in no time. 

Overall I am very very very impressed with these nail polishes and will pick some more up in the future and get some more colours. 

Visit the Kiko Website for more products! 
Comment below if you have tried any kiko products and let me know your opinions on them!! 

Love A x