Sunday, 15 March 2015

Beauty Tips: 10 Things You Should Be Doing Before Bed | AimeeBellMua

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Sleep is where your body can really relax and wind down after a long day. It helps to make you feel refreshed in the morning, boosts your energy and helps to heal the body. So why not try some of these treatments to help you wake up looking refreshed and naturally gorgeous!

Remove your makeup – All of it! – This is a big must to help you wake up looking fresh to let your skin breath and will help oily/spot prone skin. Take off all clumpy mascara from your lashes, lip colour, eyebrows (if you fill them in) you will feel a lot better when you wake up!

Add an extra pillow – Propping your head up on 2 pillows helps your eyes to not be as puffy in the morning. The gravity prevents your lymph & blood flow so fluids wont accumulate around your eyes and in your face. (Bye bye puffy eyes!). This should also help with neck/back pain if you suffer from that.

Apply a face mask – Okay maybe this step shouldn’t happen every night, maybe a couple of times a week to target acne/pimples/oily skin. The longer you leave the mask on the better results you will see so you could maybe leave it on overnight on the weekend and wash off in the morning.

Invest in a humidifier – A humidifier in the bedroom can help give you hydrated plump skin which will also make you more resistant to allergens in the air.

Hand Cream – Drench your hands in some nice thick hand cream to keep your hands and finger nails soft and hydrated and looking awesome in the morning. Through the spring weather going from cold weather to warm rooms can really dry out your hands so this could really help keep them hydrated.

Get your silk on – Invest in some silk bedding (I really don’t like silk bedding as I feel like I slide around like bambi on ice) however silk pillow cases can help your hairs overall health. Cotton pillows can contain fibres in them which can be rough to your hair cuticles causing further hair damage if you have split ends.

Pin your locks back – If you are one of the lucky girlys who are like Rapunzel pin your hair back when you go to sleep. Braid your hair or pin it up in a bun to keep the hair off your face. Your hair contains oils & dirt which can transfer to your face/pillow case and cause breakouts & oily skin.

Get enough sleep – This may seem like a pretty obvious one as a good nights sleep can really affect the way you look helping to reduce dark circles around the eyes and make your skin appear brighter.

Try a leave on scrub – When you sleep your skin is working hard to repair itself as said previously, so it’s the best time to apply a leave on exfoliator to absorb and correct any damage cause to the skin from UV/Environmental exposure.

Get your peepers creamed up – Eye cream is important to use as well as a great moisturiser so that when your skin will be plump and hydrated when the morning comes around!

Give these tips a try and let me know how you get on! I am definitely digging out a second pillow tonight and trying it! Have you got any other overnight beauty tips to share? Drop a comment below!

Love A xx