Sunday, 8 March 2015

7 Workout App | AimeeBellMua

(Images taken from App Store)
Workout, health, body's, effects smoking and alcohol have on us, is constantly drilled into our brains on a daily basis. Foods we should eat, foods we shouldn't eat, eating in moderation, foods which can stop us ageing, stop us from getting cancer etc! All this information fed into us can get a bit overwhelming and we choose to ignore it and carry on with our day to day lives regardless.

I for one, are one of the biggest culprits of this, I always manage to find an excuse not to exercise, I'm too tired, i cant be bothered, maybe tomorrow! But I came across this nifty little app on the App Store the other day which intrigued me.

Its called: 7 minute workout ' Seven' with high interval training challenge. Its a free app with in app purchases if you want to purchase more workouts before you unlock them.

With this giving you a 7 minute workout, you really cant find the excuses not to do it. I mean we all have 7 minutes spare. Obviously you can do the workout as many times or as little as you want.

Each workout is designed for a 7 minute high intensity cardio session for you and each workout has a countdown timer on and a 'personal trainer' voice-over.

I have been doing this in a morning when I get up to get me started for the day. It gives you challenges and after each time you do the workout it gives you a voucher/app/log in for something which you can use to treat yourself for doing your workout. Similar to the sticker system when your a child.

After 2/3 months you unlock the next workout and there are 8 workouts to unlock over the 7 month challenge which it gives you.

It records all your achievements, tracks your weightless etc in sync with the 'health' app on your iPhone.

I would really recommend this for people with busy lives just to get a bit of exercise in each day and before you know it you wont even think about it as a chore it will just be something of habit.

Try it for a week and let me know how you get on!!

Download it here:

I'm guessing it will be on android too, just search in google play store :) 

Love A xx