Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Primark OOTD - Work Casual | AimeeBellMua

Today I am at college for my final week doing my IT Apprenticeship. So far I have completed all my exams gaining 4 MTA's (Microsoft Technology Associate Qualifications & I am now a Microsoft Certified Professional). Sounds very technical when you trained as a Makeup Artist & Beauty Therapy, so people seem to be pretty impressed that a makeup obsessed girl can actual do
something else with her life!

I am wearing:
Blazer - Primark - £15
Necklace - Primark -  £3
Green Slouchy Thin Jumper - Primark - £6
Leggings - (x2 pairs, to prevent see thoroughness!) - Primark - £3 each
Uggs - Primark - £8 (I don't believe in proper Uggs as I ruin every pair I get)
Black Tank Top under Green Jumper - Primark - £2

As you can tell I am a massive Primark Fan but then who isn't! I am sure there will be some Primark Hauls up soon!

Lots of Love A xox

My Pixie Cut | AimeeBellMua

If it was up to me, the world would be full of Pixie Cut beauty's I just wish more people would take plunge and get the chop. It's the best thing I have ever done!

People ask who I have based it on and the answer is obviously Frankie Sandford (Or Bridge now as she married earlier this year!) She's absolutely gorgeous  and was the main reason I thought about the chop.

Ive had short hair now for about 4 years, and through this time don't get me wrong I have wished that I could just get up in a morning and screw my hair up on top of my head in a messy bun when I cant be bothered to deal with the 'Porcupine' Hair style I wake up with everyday! But I do love it and wouldn't change it now. I feel so much more confident!

If you are considering the chop but are too scared to just go from hip length to pixie, get it cut into stages, then at least its not a massive shock and possible regret straight away.

I got it in about 5 stages... 1st chop was from Belly Button length to long 'Posh, Victoria Beckham' bob, to shorter bob, to a more asymmetric bob, to Frankie Sandford Crop to Pixie! :)

The shorter I've gone the better I have felt, and everyone commented on how bright my eyes looked and how much more slender my face was.

Obviously depending on face shape depends on how suitable you are for this cut, but if you have a consultation with your hair dresser and explain what you would like (With pictures, hairdressers do love pictures!) they can help find the 'Pixie' cut for you.

I will upload some more posts soon on how I style my hair and what hair products I use to achieve the 'Messy' look.

Lots of Love, A xox